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    MasterCard to trial using selfies as authentication

    MasterCard to trial using selfies as authenticationLooking at your phone may become the new way to pay, as MasterCard begins experimenting with biometric technology to allow users to pay with a touch of a finger or a by taking a selfie upon checkout.

    Asia stocks rise for third day though Greece, China concerns weigh

    A man looks at a mobile phone at the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) in TokyoBy Saikat Chatterjee HONG KONG (Reuters) - Asian stocks rose for a third consecutive day on Thursday though widening cracks in Chinese stocks and Greece's standoff with its creditors capped gains while the dollar was bolstered by upbeat U.S. economic data. Investor sentiment globally was remain cautious in the coming weeks amid uncertainty over whether Greece can step back from an economic abyss after its debt default to the International Monetary Fund, and growing doubts over its future in the euro zone.


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    Investors see growing risks in Nigeria's devaluation delay
    By Karin Strohecker and Sujata Rao LONDON (Reuters) - International investors, dismayed by Nigeria's decision to delay a naira devaluation they see as long overdue, will hold back from its stock and bond markets, raising risks of a deeper crisis in Africa's biggest economy. The afterglow from March, when an incumbent president handed over power after what was seen as Nigeria's freest ever election, is dissipating as new leader Muhammadu Buhari shows little sign of following up on promises of economic reform. Markets have moved sharply in the past week in particular after the central bank announced curbs on dollar funding for investors, as well as for importers of goods ranging from toothpicks to private jets.

    US economy adds 223,000 jobs in June but wages flat

    While the headline US jobs number came in above the key 200,000 benchmark, the overall report was mixedThe US economy added a solid 223,000 net new jobs in June, the Labor Department said Thursday in a mixed report on the jobs market. The unemployment rate fell to 5.3 percent, the lowest level since April 2008, but job creation numbers for the previous two months were revised significantly lower, and there was no upward movement on wages. Data from the volatile household survey showed the labor force shrank by 432,000 people in the month, largely explaining the 0.2 percentage point fall in the jobless rate.


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    Australia hails 'tremendous' UN barrier reef decision

    Australia has hailed a United Nations decision to keep the Great Barrier Reef off its in danger list as "tremendous", but activists warn more must be done to improve the marine park's healthAustralia Thursday hailed a United Nations decision to keep the Great Barrier Reef off its endangered list as "tremendous", but activists warned more must be done to improve the marine park's health. The world's biggest coral reef ecosystem, which has had World Heritage Site status since 1981, has been under increasing threat from climate change, farming run-off, development and the coral-eating crown-of-thorns starfish. "This is a tremendous decision," Environment Minister Greg Hunt told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation from Germany, where UNESCO made its decision late Wednesday, adding that Canberra had "clearly heard the concerns of the World Heritage Committee".

    Neil deGrasse Tyson: Yes, The Pope Can Comment On Climate Change

    Neil deGrasse Tyson: Yes, The Pope Can Comment On Climate ChangeAstrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has a word for those who think Pope Francis shouldn't comment on climate change.The pope released an encyclical, or papal letter, in June that not only affirmed climate change was happening but also blamed human negligence and pointed to science to support the need for reducing carbon emissions."Numerous...


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